Anne Cork
Inventor of Blossom Crown™
President and Creative Director, Annabelle Noel Designs

With a contagious zeal that inspires her to dream big and turn innovation into action, Anne Cork radiates energy and enthusiasm for what she’s most passionate about: product development and design. As a young designer Cork demonstrates an insider’s intuition for new products and is well on her way to joining those whose creations have become the everyday gadgetry that people now take for granted.

Cork’s vitality and unique ability to innovate is the basis for the Annabelle Noel Designs brand and the smart, style- centered lifestyle her products define. Her mission is to bring an entirely new level of fun and function to households with an unforeseen product line that is designed and manufactured exclusively by women.

The hallmark for any Annabelle Noel design is to truly inspire, be ground-breaking in its function and leaves you feeling like “I wish I’d thought of that”. Blossom Crown™, Cork’s debut product, is the brand that epitomizes this mission.

Blossom Crown™ is an easy flower arranger that acts as a guide for perfect stem placement and gives anyone the ability to create professional looking floral designs. This bendable, reusable and decorative wire grid rests on top of the vase or vessel of your choice and is available in numerous sizes, bead options and gift sets.

Passion for everyday design provided Cork’s inspiration here. Rather than give up on her own inability to arrange fresh cut flowers in a vase, Cork viewed this as a challenge to be solved. With her long-time skill in jewelry design, Cork hand-crafted the first blossom-style grid out of steel wire and Blossom Crown™, a useful tool that everyone wants in their home, was born.

The Blossom Crown™ line is well on its way to becoming a centerpiece of home entertaining, gift-giving, special events and a trade production resource . From a successful career in pharmaceutical sales to following her passion for jewelry-making, Cork sparked her career in product design with her very first invention.

Cork’s role as a product designer was coded into her genes. The daughter of a creative educator and hospitality professional with many hobbies and crafting skills, Cork’s parents manufactured and sold their creations on weekends to fund their annual family vacations. Cork brings the best of both discipline and creativity to her role as inventor, designer and business owner.

She has also now found which areas of design excite her the most and enjoys innovating break-through concepts as well as finding attractive solutions for a real life need.

Anne considers herself lucky to devote her working hours to design, one of her life passions. As a wife and mother of two, Cork fiercely protects family time all the while maintaining her mantra, “If you follow your dreams, success is sure to follow”.